Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mediterranean feelings at Genève Plage!

Genève Plage means Geneva Beach! It's a beautiful place and surely the place-to-be during hot summer days!
It's an open air pool where you can not only swim, play and relax in various pools and wading pools, but also in Geneva lake.
As it's Swiss, it is very well organized, very clean and well led. When you're still in the pool at 7:30 pm (Genève Plage closes at 8 pm), the pool attendants will make sure you're out of the water in the next 5 minutes :-)!!
If you're in Geneva during summer, make sure to take a bath there and enjoy watching the sailing boats on Geneva Lake!


Lisalotte said...


I was lucky to find my way to your blog! I live in Geneva with hsubond and kids, starting on the third year now. I really liked your pictures and stories from Geneva, and i picked up some good idées :-)

I would like to ask you if i could borrow/use some off your pictures in my blog (i will not take the credit for them, i will mention your blog and name if you want me to :) ?

Best regards

Jeanine said...

Beautiful! Certainly different than anything we have here...and we have lots and lots of lakes!
Peace and blessings to your day!