Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter delights: Swedish Kanelbullar

Who said watching TV is making people passive and lazy? On Easter Sunday, I watched an Inga Lindström movie - click HERE to do so as well... What I liked most about it was, as always, the beautiful Swedish scenery - and particularly a lovely café, situated directly at the lake, one of the movie's main settings.
And there they baked and sold Kanelbullar - Swedish cinnemon rolls with which I fell in love immediately. I found a lot of recipes and finally decided for THIS (recipe in German). - You can also find a lot of Kanelbullar recipes in English, for example HERE.
My recipe worked well - I just needed more flour to make sure the dough was easy to roll with a rolling pin.
Kanelbullar are easy to make and very yummy - they were great for our Easter Monday breakfast (a bank holiday in Geneva, like Good Friday as well). In general they are a lovely breakfast or brunch dish and also a great addition for a picnic.
I certainly made too many, so I put some of them in the freezer. We had one bag today for breakfast. (After they were defrosted, I've put them in the oven for some minutes). They were again a delight!