Monday, February 20, 2012

Snow snow snow - cold cold cold

It was real winter around here the first half of February. It snowed a lot on the 31st of January and then the weather became really cold - minus 10 degrees (14 Fahrenheit) was no exception. The advantage of the cold temperatures was certainly that the snow stayed and our son had fun in the snow! Our local newspaper, Tribune de Genève, put a beautiful winter photo gallery online.
On the 11th February we went to the medieval French town of Yvoire which is located on the South bank of Geneva Lake. We went to the waterside where an icy wind was blowing. The wind and the temperature, in combination with the water of the lake, had iced the laterns which looked very impressive (see below).
In the meantime, the weather is milder and the sun is melting the last ice and snow in our parks.
I'm thankful that we had real winter -and now I'm actually looking forward to spring!!!