Friday, June 25, 2010

World Cup Poll!

Join in the fun and vote in my new World Cup poll!
You can vote for one of the remaining teams.
This poll ends already tomorrow at 4 pm as games of round 16 are going to start by then.
Fortunately, Germany is still in the game - and very sadly, Switzerland didn't make it!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Jet d'Eau

You can't talk about Geneva without mentioning the beautiful Jet d'Eau which is, beside Cathedrâle St. Pierre, Geneva's most important landmark. The fountain is turned on all year round, only on too cold or too windy days it's turned off.
In summer, it's turned on and illuminated until late in the evening. It's one of the world largest fountains. Learn more about its history here or here.
The Jet d'Eau is a much loved and often incredibly beautiful photo motif. Sometimes, when we walk or drive by and the sun is shining, we see all rainbow colors reflected in the fountain. That's my favorite Jet d'Eau view - I found an example here.
By the way, in the undermost photo above you see a boat - and that's actually a public service vehicle, called "Mouettes" - find all information here!