Saturday, June 30, 2012


It's been a long while since I last updated my blog. In the meantime, it's certainly NOT cold anymore - but very hot!!
We as family were traveling a lot back and forth between Geneva and Stuttgart (southern Germany). Beside our duties, we had fun discovering my home area in a new way. On Mother's Day we went to Stuttgart's hugest park: The beautiful "Schlossgarten".

We also walked through the city, beside the beautiful "Altes Schloss" (translates into "old castle")

and at the end of the day made a trip to Stuttgart's television tower "Fernsehturm".

Stuttgart is not only economically strong and home of big companies like Mercedes, Porsche and Bosch, but also became a very urban, modern big city over the last decades - with lots of culture and a high quality of life. It's surrounded by vineyards, forests and a lot of green space to spend leisure time.