Saturday, February 20, 2010

Finally! A cool urban Sunday brunch!

We were having a hard time to find some cool urban Sunday brunches that we loved so much while living in Cologne/Germany. There is, of course, the Pain Quotidien, which is very nice (and certainly very full as well). It's not with buffet brunch, but already a good place to go.
We also tried some hotels, like Crowne Plaza, Intercontinental and Kempinski. Great brunches, but certainly more for special occasions.
But in January we got a recommendation for the brunch @ Brasserie des Halles de l' Île !!
And we LOVED IT!!!
It's a casual, relaxed (a young crowd and also a good number of families with children), cool urban style.
And at some places you have a wonderful viwe on river Rhône, almost like on a ship!
The Brasserie is on an island of the Rhône that can be reached over a pedestrian bridge.
Very good, fresh food of very good quality: cakes, cheese, salads, good bread and much more! You can even make your own waffles!
Why didn't we go there earlier? Nobody told us before!!! (But the brunches only started in May 2009, so after three quarters of a year, we also heard of it!). Can't wait to go there tomorrow again!!

Monday, February 08, 2010

Valentine's Cocktail Concert

I'm more than happy to announce our Valentine's Concert ... with poco-loco beach atmosphere, cocktails, soul-disco-funky songs, dancers and the personal appearance of St Valentine!
It promises to be loads of fun!
Parts of the proceeds will go to a World Vision relief project in Haiti!
Pls check our blog: zoe events! You can reserve tickets at zoeevents.geneva ((@))