Monday, October 11, 2010

A tribute to Geneva

Five years.
On 21st August 2010 we celebrated five years in Geneva. In September, we've been promoted from B- to C-permis which is an upgrade in our residence permit.
And today, on 14th October 2010, this blog celebrates its 5 years anniversary as well.
It was dedicated from the beginning to tell about Geneva and our life here in this city.

Five years in Geneva means for us:
- talking almost each day in French, English & German
- getting to know people from all over the world (in average we have normally 8 nations and 3 continents present when we have a party in our home)
- celebrating 1st August (Swiss National Holiday), 4th July (American National Holiday), Thanksgiving (at the American International Women's Club)
- walking through the same streets in the old town in which Calvin promenaded
- enjoying the spacious and well maintained parcs, especially our Parc Bertrand
- worshipping in the Oratoire where Henry Dunant (founder of the Red Cross) went as well
- living in the city where 80% of the world wide diplomatic work is done and where the number of NGO that help world wide are countless
- discovering Switzerland and our new favourite holiday countries Italy and France
- beginning to organize concerts/events with zoe events - normally connected with a charitable cause
- taking strolls through the city and at the lakeside regularly, being amazed by the beauty of this city (by day & night!)
- sitting in cafés drinking Renversés (word for "Café au lait" here in Geneva)
- soaking in the atmosphere of this city each day: rich of history, inhabited by many high potentials - working in major companies and the United Nations
- getting to know Swiss people as well - sometimes hidden for expats...
- having the honor and joy to live in the smallest metropolis on earth.

I'm just thankful to be here.

If you leave a comment about Geneva until 31st October (no matter if you have been living here or not), you can take part in my raffle. The 3 most creative and interesting comments about Geneva will win ... Swiss chocolat, certainly! But pls make sure that I have your email address...