Thursday, December 31, 2009


It was a long-time dream come true to go to Manhattan during Christmas time! And the afternoon we arrived it started snowing ... the picture above is close to Time Square.

Beautiful, beautiful Central Park covered in white.

Manhattan life ... and publicity for the popular Christmas Spectacular in Radio City Hall.

Impressive skyscrapers wherever you look...
I also need to mention two cafés/coffeeshops we especially liked: the French Roast Café in Greenwich Village which has the most tasty Cappuccino and New York Cheesecake you can find ... and Oxford Café which has such a great quality food - sandwiches, soups, cakes ... both are higly recommended!!
And certainly the wonderful Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center!!
It was an absolute unforgettable vacation for us and we enjoyed it thoroughly.
NY is such an exciting place!

Long Island!

We spent a wonderful week on Long Island in December! As you see above, we saw marvellous beaches...
We've met Mary at "A night in Betlehem" - a "hands-on holy land experience" with the Bethlehem marketplace - beautifully set up by the Lutheran Church of the Ressurection, Garden City.

We enjoyed a nice time at our much loved Cheesecake Factory...

and shopped at the impressively large Roosevelt Field Mall, Garden City!

Long Island is such a beautiful place - and this combined with the Christmas atmosphere was just an awesome experience!

Thursday, December 24, 2009


We just returned from a wonderful trip to New York (Long Island and Manhattan). It was very Christmassy over there, especially because snow fell on Sat 19th Dec (there wasn't any other news on TV anymore ... only the "snowstorm").
I especially liked Macy's Christmas campaign, going back to the wonderful movie "The miracle on 34th street" ... BELIEVE!!!

And it's true, the Christmas miracle is all about believing.