Friday, June 25, 2010

World Cup Poll!

Join in the fun and vote in my new World Cup poll!
You can vote for one of the remaining teams.
This poll ends already tomorrow at 4 pm as games of round 16 are going to start by then.
Fortunately, Germany is still in the game - and very sadly, Switzerland didn't make it!


Anonymous said...

Forca Portugal - 2010 is our year!!!!
B, G & Lucas xxx
(Proudly Portuguese & South African :)

sonia and rahul said...

hey all, i think spain will win the world cup! although im british i dont believe we will win :) son and rahul xx

Anonymous said...

Can we vote more than once?! It seems that this is a year of change and some new countries are knocking out the usual 'favourites'. It would be great to see an underdeveloped country win if it can help bring them social and economic benefits. So I voted for Mexico... spot the non-footballer! Rebecca

Anonymous said...

I was tempted to vote for US, not because i am patriotic, but because i think they are riding some dumb luck. But i think the South Americas are to be reckoned with.

Go Chile!!


Anonymous said...

Hi. I voted for England. I am American, but I am surprised we've made it this far and don't think the US can win, but they've made a great showing. So, I vote for England. I only just watched my first football match on Wednesday, Germany vs. Ghana, and I am sorry to all you fans, but it was a bit boring. Hoping for some more excitement on Sunday, when Germany plays England!

Anonymous said...

I would love to see Germany as winner. It is a gorgeous team, but they aren't mature enough. They will win the 2014 world cup. So I am voting for Brazil as 2010 world champion.

Anonymous said...

As I've said already before the world cup started, Argentina is my favourite.

孟宇 max demian becker said...

Holland Holland!!


Carolyn & Vincent

Heidi Steffens said...

Deutschland wird gewinnen!

Viele Grüße

cybil said...

Hi Sonia,
You're the winner!!

son said...

yipppeee!!! i knew spain would be the winners- we are sooo happy :))