Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Summer Summary!

This is perhaps the perfect day for a summer review. Today, on October 7th, we had 27 degrees (Celcius!!) here in Geneva! Summer showed up again in early autumn. But the whole year was amazing what weather concerns. A beautiful spring, a really hot summer, and an incredible warm start into autumn - with many many cloudless, sunny days. What a blessing!

We started into the summer in June with our holiday in Camargue/France. It was a perfect time as it was already hot, but the crowds hadn’t yet shown up. A very special region with wine grown on sand (vin du sable), rice and wild horses!
Then, in mid July we headed to my hometown in Southern Germany to celebrate our little nephew’s/cousin’s baptism. It was a very nice family celebration. In this church, I was baptised as well, had my confirmation - and we celebrated our wedding there - ten years ago!
At the beginning of August we had the pleasure to spend a weekend at one of our favourite Swiss spots: Lake of Thun. It’s Switzerland at its best, postcards coming true, so to say…

Then, end of August, we spent one night at Lac de Joux, where friends had rented a beautiful chalet and we were invited to join in. We even swam in this rather cold, but very refreshing Lake. There are a number of well known watchmakers located in Vallée de Joux (which is in the middle of nowhere).
And finally, we had a nice holiday in Austria, in “Kleinwalsertal”, which is very close to the German border and the German ski village Oberstdorf.

Despite all those beautiful trips, we’ve spent most of July and August here in hot Geneva, especially enjoying Parc Bertrand!


The romantic query letter and the happy-ever-after said...

It autumn here in Canada and it feels like it. I've enjoyed visiting your blog and will call again.

Jeanine said...

Oh how I would love to experience all those places you talked about in your post. Thank you for taking me there through your words and photos.
We are enjoying cool fall weather in Minnesota. Our summer was unusually cool, as well, but beautiful none-the-less.
Peace and blessings to your day.

Sarah said...

Oh - so NICE to meet you...and THANKS for your comment on my blog post! How fun! I enjoyed reading up on your summer. What an interesting life you lead...3 different languages EVERY DAY! Wow! :) Well, I look forward to reading more...and I, too, pray we'll be in Germany soon! It is our hearts desire!