Friday, September 11, 2009

Modern Gospel Singing Workshop!!

I'm overjoyed to present this Modern Gospel Singing Workshop (bilingual, French/English) which will soon start - on Thursday evenings in the Oratoire, rue Tabazan 7, old town Geneva!

It will lead to a charity concert in favor of an orphanage in India. They'll hopefully be able to build an own building for the orphanage with the money that we will raise...!

We have already a really nice choir together, but you can still register!!
Check our website: zoe events

All info on the flyers above! It promises to be loads of fun!

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Sarah said...

Oh, WOW! This looks really, really wonderful. I do love to sing and I love gospel music for sure! I've heard that it's also a popular thing to do in Germany - to have these workshops. Is this true? I'll be taking you up on asking questions about Germany and German culture! :) I'm actually looking for a really tasty German recipe...I have one I got from a friend in Berlin called Berliner Bouletin. It's good, but I'd like to expand my options. Any ideas?