Thursday, December 02, 2010

Biggest snow in Geneva since 1985!

We had already snow since last weekend. But on Tuesday afternoon it started snowing heavily. And it snowed and snowed the whole Wednesday. Today our local newspaper, Tribune de Genève said that we got 30 cm of snow yesterday and it didn't snow that much in Geneva since 1985!

The photos above are from yesterday. The whole park & its playground covered in white.
The pics below are from today - we had a very sunny, blue sky day.
We can't help feeling very Christmassy now and started our Christmas cookies production yesterday.


12-arrows said...

thats absolutely beautiful! we have a skiff, nothing more and flurries off and on, the ground still isn't completely frozen for the snow to stick! Its cold though, so would love to have snow for the kids to play in!

Sharon said...

That looks like my house! We have had snow flurries for the last three days and it's starting to really add up! So beautiful. A white Christmas!

12-arrows said...

I got your chocolates today! AWESOME! so excited to share them with my family and thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Also thank you for sharing your picture, now when I pray for you I can put names to faces! One day we will meet, if not on earth in heaven my precious friend. (are you on FB?)