Saturday, July 25, 2009

Big wheel in town: "Roue de Genève"

There's a new summer attraction in town this year: The "Roue de Genève". It's there until end of August, in the Quartier des Tranchées, just behind the Eglise russe, on Place Sturm!

It's a good idea for a family activity as you can combine the ride with a hotdog or crêpe afterwards! We were very pleased about the fantastic views we got - in all directions: to the old town, on the lake, to the Salève mountain ...
Now, for the Fêtes de Genève, we have another big wheel just at the lake. But it's smaller and the location is not as good for a real overview. But I'm sure it's fun too! Nevertheless I recommand Place Sturm's "Roue de Genève"!!


carinedebruyn said...

We went on the wheel with the kids and my brother. The kids just loved it!! The views were stunning. We live in a beautiful city. And yes, there are many fountains.
The Lord has been speaking to me about redigging wells. When I researched it, digging a well not only represents tapping into our spiritual history in Geneva. Digging a well also is done when you are not going anywhere soon and you need water!!

Jeanine said...

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